Jerry D. Guess

Jerry D. Guess, Executive Vice-Chairman & President

Jerry D. Guess is Executive Vice-Chairman and President of The Guess Corporation, a member of the Board of Directors and a Shareholder. Mr. Guess became Executive Vice-Chairman and President of the Company in December of 2017 after being Principal. He is currently the Principal of a development and infrastructure company. Mr. Guess is also the Interim President for Guess Farms, Inc., the food service distribution subsidiary of The Guess Corporation. He also serves as Chairman and President of The Guess Construction Company, Ltd.  A serial entrepreneur since the age of 13, Mr. Guess has owned and operated many businesses over the years. His first business was a promotional button manufacturing company in which he sold campaign buttons to department stores and cosmetic firms. He launched a public relations and marketing firm and succeeded in serving a range for clients from office furniture retailers to transportation companies. Mr. Guess is currently pursuing undergraduate studies at Adams State University and is an LSAT candidate. As Executive Vice-Chairman and President, he works with the Executive Chairman to oversee the affairs of The Guess Corporation. In addition to oversight of day to day matters, Mr. Guess develops the strategy for the Company's two private foundations. He is also a founding shareholder in the company.