Jill Warlick

Jill Warlick, Senior Vice-President, Group Executive, Operations & Deputy Secretary-Treasurer

Jill E. Warlick is Senior Vice-President, Group Executive, Operations and Deputy Secretary-Treasurer of The Guess Corporation and a Shareholder. Ms. Warlick is an experienced management professional. She also has a significant amount of sales/marketing, operations and customer service experience. Prior to joining The Guess Corporation, Ms. Warlick was a sales consultant for a automobile franchise dealer. She has handled sales for several companies over the years. Additionally, she has been in management for companies handling operations, recruitment, accounting, sales, administration and loss prevention.  Ms. Warlick earned an Associate's degree in Business Management from Davidson County Community College. As Senior Vice-President and Group Executive, Operations, Ms. Warlick oversees the day to day operations of The Guess Corporation including administration, recruitment, sales/marketing, customer service matters and business operations for the Company, and also many of its subsidiaries. As Deputy Secretary-Treasurer, she provides support to the Secretary-Treasurer in handling corporate records and financial affairs.