Let's Do Some Good.

The Guess Corporation sees the good people and believes in doing good business. We were founded in 2012 by Jerry D. Guess. Mr. Guess was in prison when he decided that The Guess Corporation would be formed. He attended the law library, typed up his articles of incorporation and filed them with the North Carolina Secretary of State with the help of his father, Willie L. Guess. Upon his supervised release in 2014, The Guess Corporation officially commenced operations. The company completed a sizable acquisition of a retail operation before Mr. Guess ran into issues with violating his supervised release terms due to certain restrictions. He was released again in 2015, before returning to prison in October of 2016 after an industry publication questioned his abilities after his convicted felon status was disclosed. A U.S. District Court Judge finally terminated Mr. Guess' supervision and he was completely freed in July of 2017.  After his own challenges, Mr. Guess decided that he would not be distraught over a seemingly unfair system, that is imperfect. Instead, he re-launched The Guess Corporation as a for-profit social enterprise to help others needing a second chance through viable employment. The Guess Corporation does not look down on anyone with a criminal record, instead we find the good in people and we know that with the right support and encouragement, they can be of service to the community. The majority of our operating businesses have quotas in which we have set targets to employ a minimum number of individuals with criminal records. 

Jerry D. Guess found a way to take the bad and make it into something good. As a convicted felon, he understands the civil disabilities that result from that label, and he is using his understanding of that to help others. The Guess Corporation's management team consists of individuals from varying backgrounds, some with criminal records and others who have never been convicted of anything, but they want to help those who have.


As we become profitable, we have made a commitment to donate 25% of our profits to the two foundations that we started: The Guess Corporation Foundation and T.G.C. Law Foundation. Both of those private foundations have been organized to help people that need a hand up in life and to promote public policies that encourage second chances and support for those being released from prison.