Our Mission

Let's Do Some Good.

The Guess Corporation is committed to engaging in business activities that:

  • Are legal;
  • Provide opportunities to everyone, including those who need another chance in life (e.g. convicted felons);
  • Are socially responsible resulting in benefits for society as a whole;
  • Are reasonably profitable for employees and shareholders.

We believe that by working with good people, we can build a good business. The Guess Corporation is determined to deliver good business experiences to everyone. Our company is more than sales or profits, it is about helping those who need a hand up in life. Due to our founder's past experiences, we understand the challenges in life that individuals may encounter. As a company, we know that viable employment and legitimate business opportunities are necessary to help people get back on their feet following major setbacks.

25% Of The Guess Corporation's Profits Help Others

When customers purchase goods and services from The Guess Corporation, over half of those profits are going toward providing good-paying jobs to those who need a second chance or a hand up in life. We have two corporate foundations that 25% of our profits go to:

The Guess Corporation Foundation - Receives 15% of net profits to provide job-training, grants, and support for non-profits and social entrepreneurs committed to helping disadvantaged persons (e.g. convicted felons, disabled veterans, individuals with disabilities, single-parent households, at-risk youth).

T.G.C. Law Foundation - Receives 10% of net profits to support social justice programs such as truth in sentencing, poverty reduction and civil rights advocacy.

Each year beginning in December of 2018, The Guess Corporation jointly with its two foundations, The Guess Corporation Foundation and T.G.C. Law Foundation will publish, "Extended Hands", our annual social responsibility report to highlight our contributions to society.

“Men are not bad. They are degraded largely by circumstances. It is the duty of every man to help them and let them feel that there is some hope for them in life.”  - The Late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis