The Guess Corporation began as a concept on paper in December of 2009 while Jerry D. Guess was at his lowest point in life. An inmate in a foreign detention facility, he wrote his vision on small sheets of paper using a golf pencil. Faced with tremendous adversity, he had a vision to create a company that would sell superior quality goods and services. In 2012, The Guess Corporation Company, Inc. was incorporated after Mr. Guess attended the law library of the detention facility he was housed in. With support from his father, family and friends, The Guess Corporation Company, Inc. was launched officially in 2014. The company began as a purveyor of diamonds, before pursuing acquisition opportunities. The Guess Corporation Company, Inc.'s initial acquisitions resulted in over $20 million in annualized revenue going into 2015. In early 2015, The Guess Corporation Company, Inc. underwent a reorganization and a share exchange resulted in a parent/subsidiary structure. A new company, The Guess Corporation, incorporated in December of 2014, became the parent company of The Guess Corporation Company, Inc. In February of 2015, the company suffered a setback when Mr. Guess had personal legal issues. In late 2015, Mr. Guess resumed working with the company and introduced major and bold ideas including launching an ultra-luxury gas station chain, high-end gas stations, upscale restaurants and a private members' only department store. His efforts on behalf of the company attracted the attention of the media with mixed reviews. In late 2016, Mr. Guess suffered another legal setback which resulted in major challenges for The Guess Corporation. The company was forced to suspend its operations for an extended period. "We had the right ideas, but it was the wrong time", Mr. Guess noted. In July of 2017, Mr. Guess exited the legal and prison system after completing his supervised release term. The Guess Corporation became a social enterprise in October of 2017. As a social enterprise, the company operates as a for-profit entity, but with a charitable focus.