Who We Are

 The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. is a for-profit social enterprise company that operates businesses across several industries. As a social enterprise, we are balance a mission to positively impact society with our requirements to generate a profit for our shareholders. A focus of our mission is operating businesses that provide viable employment and vendor opportunities to disadvantaged persons including those with criminal records. We firmly believe that disadvantaged persons often work harder than anyone to prove that that they are worth the second chance given to them. We are based in Miami, Florida with a business presence throughout the United States. We provide products and services to consumers and small businesses.  

Our company was founded in May of 2012 through a predecessor entity, The Guess Corporation Company, Inc., when Jerry D. Guess was a federal inmate. Prior to his release from federal prison, Mr. Guess knew that he wanted to start a business that could provide opportunities to others. Willie L. Guess, Mr. Guess's father incorporated the company. In 2015, the company acquired a retailer of perfume. In 2016, Jerry D. Guess orchestrated the company's pursuit of business opportunities in the convenience store and hospitality industries. The company announced plans to develop and build upscale gas stations and restaurants throughout the U.S. 

Following setbacks in 2016, the company was re-launched in October 2017 as a for-profit social enterprise committed to employing individuals with records who need a second chance. Our goal is to provide second chance employment to 10,000 individuals by 2024.

 In addition to our focus on second-chance employment, we are committed to contributing to a society through financial support. We have two foundations, The Guess Corporation Foundation and T.G.C. Law Foundation. The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. has made a commitment to donate 25% of our net profits to our foundations. Using those funds, the foundations can make grants that support programs for at-risk youth, education, legal aid and criminal justice reform.