Who We Are

The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. is a diversified for-profit social enterprise company. We operate businesses that are mission-driven and dedicated to providing opportunities to disadvantaged persons. Our company is committed to helping individuals with physical disabilities, civil disabilities (e.g. criminal records) and unfavorable backgrounds have a chance to succeed in life. We believe that these individuals often work harder to prove that they can make valuable contributions to society.

Our company began in May of 2012 when a federal inmate in the U.S. decided that he wanted to turn his life around and make a positive impact on society. Jerry D. Guess with the help of Willie L. Guess, his father, and close friends incorporated the company as The Guess Corporation Corporation Company, Inc. In 2014, the company officially began operating with an initial focus on acquisitions before pursing organic business opportunities in 2016. After a series of personal setbacks for Jerry D. Guess and challenges for the company, Mr. Guess revamped the company's business model. In October of 2017, The Guess Corporation was re-launched as a for-profit social enterprise to provide opportunities for those needing second chances or support as they move past their disadvantaged background.


The Guess Corporation Holding Co., Inc. has two foundations, The Guess Corporation Foundation and T.G.C. Law Foundation. The company has made a commitment to set aside 25% of its net profits for charitable purposes and will contribute those monies to its foundations for grant-making throughout communities in the United States.