Who We Are

The Guess Corporation is a for-profit social enterprise company that operates businesses that positively impact society by creating opportunities for those needing a second chance. Our primary business operations are: petroleum product marketing, food service product marketing, real estate development and construction and staffing services. We were founded in 2012 by Jerry D. Guess while he was an inmate in jail. With the support of his father, Willie L. Guess, Mr. Guess incorporated The Guess Corporation Company, Inc. in May of 2012. In 2014, the company became operational. In 2015, through a corporate reorganization, The Guess Corporation was established and became the parent company for our businesses. In 2016, we developed new concepts for food service and petroleum businesses including Guess Bread, for upscale casual dining, GP Express for upscale gas stations and GP Club for ultra-luxury membership based gas stations. In 2017, following the release of Jerry D. Guess from federal prison, we re-launched The Guess Corporation as a for-profit social enterprise and chose to incorporate quotas into our business operations requiring us to hire a minimum number of individuals considered disadvantaged as a result of criminal records, disabilities, social challenges or economic setbacks. Our goal is to employ at least 10,000 disadvantaged persons over the next five years or by 2022. We are a compassionate company and we believe that regardless of anyone's background, everyone should have a chance to prove that they are good people at heart and that they can do good business.

Charitable Activities

The Guess Corporation has two private foundations to provide support to society.

The Guess Corporation Foundation - to provide support for at-risk youth, domestic violence prevention and mental health advocacy

T.G.C. Law Foundation - to support re-entry programs


Let's Do Some Good Brochure (pdf)